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The game team at New World recently released a roadmap for 2022, and this year, we'll see new additions to the ever-popular MMO. Later this month, the upcoming Heart of Madness update will bring new weapons to the game, as well as the Heart of the Storm Crusade as well as 3v3 PvP Arenas and expanded PvP rewards.

During the summer, all New World players will see a new pirate-themed adventure, plus a mysterious yet-to-be-revealed summer event. This fall, New World will introduce its biggest new addition on its first anniversary. The in-game map area expands and players can unlock new weapons. The fall update will also add a brand new nine-man expedition, which will further enhance the game's content. Moreover, the development team has always attached great importance to feedback from players while planning to add more new content to the game.

While most New World players ask the game team to bring them new game content, they also suggest that they further improve the current state of the game in New World. Many players started calling for New World to merge more servers to maximize the game's player base while stabilizing the existing player count. The new PvE expedition released by the game team this time will be a brand new game experience for both old players who have been playing in New World for a while or new players who have not yet joined. Also, if you are missing the main token New World Coins at this stage of the game or in the next stage, you can buy New World Coins at NewWorldCoins for safe and cheap.

New World Coins are an essential resource for all New World players. Having more New World Coins not only allows you to get any items you need in a short time, you can also directly use coins to buy various raw materials in the trading market to save the usual consumption of farming raw materials. lot of time. After all, farming lots of Cheap New World Coins is a long and tedious process. And with the help of the professional New World Coins supplier NewWorldCoins, you can buy a large amount of New World Coins with only a small amount of money. Moreover, the coins sold by NewWorldCoins are safe and secure, so you don't have to worry about the account being banned due to abnormal problems. All in all, NewWorldCoins will be a handy assistant that will save you time and money!

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