Dungeon and Fighter will feature 2D arcade-style and action RPG elements

Nexon has announced that Dungeon & Fighter Mobile will be released in Korea on March 24th for Android and iOS devices. Dungeon & Fighter Mobile is one of the most highly-anticipated games in Korea as it is the mobile adaptation of the Dungeon & Fighter IP. The game offers an action-packed side-scrolling experience with multiplayer RPG gameplay.

The mobile game has been in the works for a long time, and observers have high expectations as Dungeon & Fighter Online has had more than 850 million players and well beyond $15 billion in revenues (the revenue number dates back to May 2020).

Dungeon & Fighter will feature 2D "arcade-style" and action RPG elements, as well as a continuously evolving storyline, suggesting long-term live ops support.

Mobile Dungeon & Fighter is the first of three anticipated new virtual worlds among the many games Nexon will launch in 2022. Scheduled for global release later this year are KartRider: Drift and ARC Raiders. The latter is the first game from Nexon’s Embark Studios in Stockholm, Sweden.

As of the moment, details about the game are scarce but Korean players are in luck because the official YouTube channel of the game has released a video that talks about the mechanics and features of Dungeon & Fighter Mobile as well as its pre-registration sign-ups in selected regions. For now, stay tuned for further details.

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